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As a managed service provider, Nutbourne can provide hosted VoIP & telephony through our partnership with Soho66. Soho66 are a multi-award winning market leader in business VoIP & telephony services. They allow you to manage incoming calls through a wide range of features to make your business more professional, whilst saving time and money in the process.


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Top Class Business VoIP Telephony Services

It can be tough to manage every user’s email signature, even in a small organisation. You might need to make sure links work, phone numbers are correct and that regulatory and legal information is included. This might not take much time as a one-off, but if you need to make a change across a whole organisation or want to make regular changes, it can all add up.

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Make a good first impression

Exclaim’s easy to use interface allows you to create great looking, professional and responsive email signatures. This means they will look sleek and well-designed no matter what device they are viewed on; desktop, tablet or mobile.

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Record calls

With Exclaim being based in the cloud, there isn’t anything to install. You can set up accounts for users who can log in to the Exclaim portal to manage different aspects of the email signatures. This can be really handy for a marketing team, adding banners to a sales team’s email signatures to promote new products or events.

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Direct calls to the right department

Quite a novel feature of Exclaim is that you can add feedback surveys into your email signatures. This would be particular handy for departments that deal with customer support, as you can receive quick reports on how satisfied customers are with responses.

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