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For modern businesses, cybersecurity should now be (if it isn’t already) amongst their top priorities. With a proliferation of both headline-grabbing cyberattacks, as well as ‘everyday’ (albeit no less damaging) hacks and network breaches, keeping on top of these threats is pivotal. It’s one thing knowing that you should be proactive as a business, however, it’s quite another knowing how to action the kinds of changes and measures that are necessary. The team here at Nutbourne offer extensive cybersecurity services in Ilford. Below, you’ll find some of the key services provided as part of that offering.

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Thorough Endpoint Protection

An increase in home-working over the past couple of years (particularly during the Coronavirus pandemic) has brought with it an increase in the number of potentially vulnerable endpoints within a company’s network. Endpoints include everything from desktops to laptops, from mobiles to other smart devices. Any ‘end-user’ device can be considered an endpoint, and is important to protect. Our software can help identify and contain threats and attacks before they become a problem.

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Watertight Email Security

Given that the majority of hacks and cyberattacks take root through malicious emails being clicked upon, it’s important that the both yours and your employees’ email inboxes are kept safe, secure and protected. Most people assume that only means protecting your inbox from inbound email traffic. In reality, though, protecting outbound mail is just as important. Whether it be identifying malicious URLs, or encrypting sensitive outbound information so as to prevent data breaches should an email ever be intercepted, your emails need securing, and Nutbourne is the provider to offer that.

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Implementing Appropriate Antivirus Software

You might think a bog-standard antivirus package from the local IT store is sufficient in protecting your business, but you’d be mistaken. Many people wrongly assume that, when it comes to antivirus software, it’s a ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of thing. Even if you do implement an appropriate antivirus package, people often forget to then update said software, which is oftentimes just as dangerous as not having protection, whatsoever.

Cybercriminals often exploit outdated/unpatched software as access points for their attacks, and out-of-date antivirus software is no exception to that. Nutbourne will ensure your business gets the right antivirus protection for your firm, as well as managing updates, patches and its configuration. All of which means you’ll get the best possible protection from the best possible package.

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