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Whether you’re a one-person business or an international corporation, cybersecurity matters. Cybercrime is on the rise, and can truly affect anybody. With so many businesses switching to a remote setup for the duration of the pandemic, even those that are now back in the office will no doubt continue in a hybrid manner, to at least a certain extent. This puts the security of a business’ computer network under more intense strain, and requires more stringent protection accordingly. The team here at Nutbourne offer cybersecurity services in Harlow. Keeping businesses safe is what we do.

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Malware Protection

There are a huge number of different malware out there, with the one linking factor being that you don’t want to get infected by one. In recent years, hospitals, schools, banks and other businesses – both big and small – have found themselves targeted by both individual hackers, and larger hacking groups. Malware protection varies from antivirus software through to network monitoring.

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Email Security

Whether it be inbound or outbound, your staff’s email inboxes need securing. The most common vector by which malware is transferred, fraudulent phishing and spoofing emails can have devastating impacts on a business, both economic and otherwise. We’re proud to offer email security products from some of the industry’s most trusted software providers, such as Barracuda and Mimecast.

This will help identify and sandbox threats before employees have the chance to accidentally click on them and expose your network. Outbound security is equally important, because with potentially sensitive information being sent out, the last thing you want is said information being intercepted or compromised.

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Alongside implementing software solutions for you and your business, our cybersecurity services in Harlow include consultancy, too. We can offer security monitoring services (24/7) as well as vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) services to help align your cybersecurity (and broader digital strategy) with your financial and business models. Knowing how to protect yourself, the appropriate strategies to implement and the sorts of cybersecurity threats you’re likely to face in today’s business world, will better place you and your business to succeed in the longer term.

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