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The cybersecurity threats faced by companies in today’s world are increasing at an exponential rate. Whether it be traditional hacking attempts through phishing emails or something more sophisticated, protecting a modern business, that’s to say, truly protecting it, is no easy thing. The team here at Nutbourne offer a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services in Chelmsford; we help keep businesses – and everyone within them – protected, digitally.

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State-of-the-Art Malware Protection

Prevention is better than cure is undoubtedly the motto when it comes to a well-rounded cybersecurity strategy. We’re proud to use software from the likes of Barracuda and Bitdefender (for endpoint protection) which can help identify threats, sandbox and neutralise malicious content as well as other crucial protective features.

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Email Signature Management & Email Filtering

Whether you’re looking to shore up inbound messaging, or protect data being sent via outbound emails, email security is critical. We can offer services and implement software that helps encrypt sensitive information, automatically filter out spam and elevate admin privileges when it comes to email signatures. We can also review (or establish) GDPR policies and levels of compliance. Data security is pivotal, today, and more specifically, knowing what you can and can’t do with certain information. We can help in this regard.

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Employee Training

Human error is still the leading cause of cybersecurity attacks; we might not like to admit it, but we’re not as savvy as we think we are when it comes to spotting malicious emails or other content. Even the most wizened of professionals can struggle to spot the most sophisticated spam at first glance. That’s where our training cybersecurity services in Chelmsford can come in so handy!

It’s imperative your company’s employees understand the importance of good digital hygiene and appropriate cybersecurity measures, so that they’re less likely to ever (inadvertently, of course) compromise your business. We can help train up your teams with the best cybersecurity practises so that they’re as knowledgeable as possible as to the kinds of threats/attacks they might be faced with, today.

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Cyber Essentials

A government-backed initiative for small-to-medium-sized businesses, Cyber Essentials has been set up in mind with keeping businesses digitally secure, plain and simple. Nutbourne can help achieve compliance and implement the scheme (either in its standard form or through the more advanced Cyber Essentials Plus scheme) so that – not only your business is safe – but the data of everyone you work/interact with is safe as well. Clients want to know you take your cybersecurity seriously, and this package helps with exactly that.

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