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We’re living in an era in which cyber-attacks are not only increasingly common, but fast becoming a normal, regular occurrence. Hackers don’t discriminate in terms of those they attack; whether you’re a multinational corporation or a local charity, if they see an easy opportunity, they’ll look to profit from it. Even with that in mind, however, many companies still don’t dedicate the sorts of time or efforts to protecting their networks that they should. Here at Nutbourne, we offer extensive cybersecurity services in Brentwood. From procurement through to deployment, we can help keep you and your business’ IT safe.

Managed IT Services
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Malware Protection

Malware attacks are amongst the most common cyber-attack types, today. Whilst conventional antivirus software is a solid start (and it’s an absolute must), there are other types of software and processes that – with the help of Nutbourne – you can implement to stave off even the most complex of malware attacks.

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Email Protection

Phishing attempts via email are still the most common attack vector used by cybercriminals today. Spam has become increasingly sophisticated to the point which spam emails can often look like the legitimate business or company they’re pretending to be. Working with industry-leaders like Mimecast, Barracuda and Microsoft ATP, Nutbourne is able to offer both inbound email protection and outbound protection, too.

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Data Security

In today’s world, data is the ruling currency. Data makes the world go around and your business needs to keep it safe – especially since GDPR rules came in, compliance is a must. Nutbourne can help your company implement data compliance policies and regulatory frameworks to help make the most of your data, keep it safe and keep it all above board. Protecting your data with our cybersecurity services in Brentwood offers great value for money without ever compromising on quality.

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Consultancy, Audits & vCIO Services

Alongside the tangible cybersecurity options we offer (in the form of software and applications) we also offer a consultancy and vCIO service. We can come into your company and carry out a full cybersecurity audit to fully assess the current state of your firm’s cybersecurity, and where it can be improved. A vCIO is an integral part of any modern business, helping establish cybersecurity priorities as well as broader IT strategy. The benefit of a virtual CIO is that they’re there as and when you need them, as opposed to having an on-premise equivalent that might not have work to do all the time.

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