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IT Services

Our services include...

IT Services Network Audits
Cloud Services Structured Cabling Calculator

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Founded by Marcus Evans and Patrick Burgess, Nutbourne began trading in 2011 with the simple aim of bringing high quality service and support to an IT sector which has become flooded with companies who assume that "just enough" will do. 

As a company we provide the following IT services in house:

  • Proactive Remote Support
  • Onsite IT Support
  • Regular Onsite Support Days
  • High Level Project Consultancy
  • Network Security, Quality and Speed Audits
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Network Installation

"The problem was sorted as always as soon as technologically possible – incredible service from Nutbourne. 5*!" – Deidre MacMahon

“Effective solution found to an ambiguous and unusual problem” – Joseph Lewis


When Nutbourne are carrying out a network audit, we systematically go through all of the equipment on site, running through how it is connected and set up to work, as well as what condition it is in. Once this information is gathered we write a comprehensive report detailing both the current situation and recommendations for the future, taking in to account your business needs and plans, and budgetary concerns.


With so many people operating remotely and space at a premium, cloud services have become increasingly important. Whilst being located in the cloud essentially means anywhere other than where it is being accessed, we can help companies work out the most cost effective way to structure their cloud or remote backup.

"Speedy, helpful and very efficient service even on a busy day" – Leon Bailey

"We have been highly impressed by the both the quality of their installations and the high levels of customer service provided both prior to and upon completion of their works" – Richard Law: Lomax


Nutbourne have a team of expert cablers, who have an extensive knowledge of many types of cable and experience on how to run them in a variety of environments. With a 25 year warranty on all of their work, the cablers can set up, fluke test and terminate a comprehensive network of structured cable leaving them run in a tidy and unobtrusive manner.