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Design & Build

Our services include...

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From household names to smaller businesses, our client experience covers a diverse range of project requirements. Whatever the scope of your brief, you can trust us to deliver an outstanding service and long-term business value.

See a selection of the many Design and Build projects Nutbourne have carried out. With our dedicated team focused on client satisfaction and delivery the projects in this section show just what Nutbourne can achieve.

"Nutbourne were great from start to finish. They really understood our brief and were always on hand when we needed them to be and explained every step thoroughly" – Martin Kendrick, International Classical Artists

"Marcus is an innovative individual whose creativity brings a fresh approach to office design" – Lorraine Allen, Motorola


We can examine how your current space is performing and carry out a variety of tests to ascertain what is your best course moving forward.

Upon completion of the report we can help you reorganise or relocate knowing exactly how much space you need.

Space planning is only one element of what we do. We create working environments that stimulate and motivate people as well as portraying the right image to visitors and staff.

  • We will also make sure you are aware of the legal codes and space standards that apply

As the drawings progress, we develop a schedule of works, detailing everything required during fabrication and construction to turn the design into reality.


Every office project is assigned a Contracts Manager. It is this person's responsibility, alongside the Site Manager, to oversee the many site specialists, to carry out the work on time and in budget. The works will be run in a timely and efficient manner. All works are run with the following:

  • Health and Safety Plans
  • Project Programmes
  • Quality Inspectors
  • Operational and Maintenance Manuals

In our cost plans we itemise every piece of work we do, providing details on linear meterage, number of power points and every other use of material. We pride ourselves on our accuracy on these plans and this allows you to see exactly where your money goes. It also allows you to know the cost of any variations and monitor the project cost as the work continues.

We will also issue you with our move checklist, which will ensure you do not forget anything at this crucial phase of the project. We will manage the physical move to the new offices, including the appointment of a Removal Specialist, and work with you to enable a seamless relocation to take place

"Even when the time frames were tight and we needed quick works they always came back promptly and worked hard... I can recommend them to anyone who needs work done, big or small" – Marcelo Ricciuti, European Facilities Manager

"We are extremely pleased with the results here, and could never have imagined this place to turn out like it has – fresh and bright!" – Paola Tarazi, BerchWood Partners


We provide imaginative and innovative furniture solutions to create outstanding working environments. We work closely with clients to balance their space with the furniture. Our projects include new build, redesign and upgrade of premises. With 30 years industry experience we've built a reputation for outstanding service and a unique knowledge of products and suppliers. We tailor each project to match quality at exceptional prices, within our client's budgets.